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Jagdgebrauchshundverein - USA

Guidelines for Claiming Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred on Behalf of JGV-USA

Travel expenses will be reimbursed consistent with JGV-USA procedure. Expenses must be reasonable and adequately documented to as to satisfy the JGV-USA Treasury, auditors, and the IRS regulations. Original receipts or quality photocopies are required for all items to be reimbursed. These receipts must be submitted with your expense report to qualify for reimbursement. Expense reports must be submitted within 30 days after travel to be eligible for reimbursement.

The JGV-USA Treasury is responsible for questioning expenses, which appear excessive or are unsubstantiated. Reasonable and documented expenses in the following categories will be reimbursed without question:

A. Travel

  1. Necessary air and rail fare not to exceed coach class. Maximum airfare reimbursement is the least expensive non-refundable fare (normally 14-day advance purchase).

  2. Personal automobile travel will be reimbursed for fuel receipts submitted. Mileage figures (Mapquest will be used to determine mileage) are also required for comparison to fuel consumed. If more than 1 person travels in the same automobile, only one person may claim reimbursement for such transportation expenses.

  3. Necessary car rental expenses.

  4. Necessary parking, shuttle, bus, road tolls and other transportation expenses.

B. Lodging

  1. Reasonable, comfortable accommodations.

C. Other Expenses

  1. Other miscellaneous expenses must be listed and fully described. Personal expenses will not be reimbursed.

At this time, JGV-USA does not have a policy to reimburse for any meals associated with travel.

For questions regarding the reimbursement guidelines, please contact the JGV-USA Treasurer, Dan Ritter at 651-785-5659 or dritterpl@yahoo.com.

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October 22, 2018

Updates to Test Schedule and Annual Meeting


Novermber 5th, 2018

2019 Membership Application available!!


December 7th, 2018

VJP tests open for entry!

Translated Formblatt 1(Entry Form)


December 22nd, 2018

April 26-28th VJP at WI Rapids is FULL

Will take a few standby entries.


January 14th, 2019

April 13-14th VJP at Rio, WI is Full


Current 2019 members list is available.


March 10th, 2019

Training/Work Weekends planned for March 30th and 31st.  Rio and Wisconsin Rapids. 

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