Jagdgebrauchshundverein - USA
Jagdgebrauchshundverein - USA

How to Enter a JGV-USA Test

What to Submit to the Test Director/Coordinator

  • 2 copies of the entry form (Formblatt 1)
    • The EDV-Nr. (Club No.) for JGV-USA is "1103"
  • 2 copies of the dog's ahnentafel (pedigree)
  • A copy of the dog's rabies certificate
  • A check payable to "JGV-USA" for the entry fee (VJP-$85, HZP-$100 (Oberländer HZP is $125), VGP-$150)
  • If the dog has previously completed a VJP, HZP, or VGP, please also include copies of the dog's score sheets from those tests
JGV-USA Test Entry Form
Adobe Acrobat document [92.8 KB]

Entry Requirements for JGV-USA Tests

  • Submit entry packet to the Test Director/Coordinator
  • There must be an FCI stamp or emblem on the pedigree.
  • Dogs for VJP and HZP must have been whelped the previous year or after October 1st of the year before.
  • A dog may not enter a VGP in the same calendar year in which it was whelped.
  • For blood tracking tests (VSwP) a dog must be at least 24 months old on day of test.
  • No dog may repeat a VJP, HZP or VGP more than once. 
  • Dogs entered in VJPs or HZPs sponsored by JGV-USA must be owned by someone who is currently a member of JGV-USA (VGPs are open to anyone who is a member of any JGHV-recognized group).

Required Documents:

You must use the Formblatt 1 (test entry form) supplied by the test coordinator. All information must be legible (typed) or in block letters. The dog's name and its parents must be entered on the Formblatt 1 exactly as it is on the pedigree. Make sure that all numbers and dates are copied exactly. A copy of the pedigree of your dog must be submitted with Formblatt 1. Enclose a check or money order payable to JGV-USA for the exact amount of the entry fee.  Handler must bring a current copy of their dog's rabies vaccination and original copy of their dog's pedigree on the day of the test.


Exceptions to testing regulations:

Dogs may be tested more than two times if the test is an international test held in a foreign country. Blood tracking tests, 20 and 40 hour, may be entered three times. If the dog passes these tests two times, no further testing is permitted in blood tracking. 


4/01/2017 Pictures from Training/Work weekend at Central WI Beagle Club


12/29/2016 -

VJP Scheduled for April 29-30 in Wisconsin Rapids, WI



4/21/2016 -

The 2016 JGV-USA Annual Meeting was held this past weekend.  The Meeting Minutes are now available for viewing.

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