Jagdgebrauchshundverein - USA
Jagdgebrauchshundverein - USA

How to Enter a JGV-USA Test

What to Submit to the Test Director/Coordinator

  • 2 copies of the entry form (Formblatt 1)
    • The EDV-Nr. (Club No.) for JGV-USA is "1103"
  • 2 copies of the dog's ahnentafel (pedigree)
  • A copy of the dog's rabies certificate
  • A check payable to "JGV-USA" for the entry fee (VJP-$85, HZP-$100 (Oberländer HZP is $125), VGP-$150)
  • If the dog has previously completed a VJP, HZP, or VGP, please also include copies of the dog's score sheets from those tests
JGV-USA Test Entry Form
2018 Formblatt 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1'009.1 KB]

Entry Requirements for JGV-USA Tests

  • Submit entry packet to the Test Director/Coordinator
  • There must be an FCI stamp or emblem on the pedigree.
  • Dogs for VJP and HZP must have been whelped the previous year or after October 1st of the year before.
  • A dog may not enter a VGP in the same calendar year in which it was whelped.
  • For blood tracking tests (VSwP) a dog must be at least 24 months old on day of test.
  • No dog may repeat a VJP, HZP or VGP more than once. 
  • Dogs entered in VJPs or HZPs sponsored by JGV-USA must be owned by someone who is currently a member of JGV-USA (VGPs are open to anyone who is a member of any JGHV-recognized group).

Required Documents:

You must use the Formblatt 1 (test entry form) supplied by the test coordinator. All information must be legible (typed) or in block letters. The dog's name and its parents must be entered on the Formblatt 1 exactly as it is on the pedigree. Make sure that all numbers and dates are copied exactly. A copy of the pedigree of your dog must be submitted with Formblatt 1. Enclose a check or money order payable to JGV-USA for the exact amount of the entry fee.  Handler must bring a current copy of their dog's rabies vaccination and original copy of their dog's pedigree on the day of the test.


Exceptions to testing regulations:

Dogs may be tested more than two times if the test is an international test held in a foreign country. Blood tracking tests, 20 and 40 hour, may be entered three times. If the dog passes these tests two times, no further testing is permitted in blood tracking. 


October 22, 2018

Updates to Test Schedule and Annual Meeting


Novermber 5th, 2018

2019 Membership Application available!!


December 7th, 2018

VJP tests open for entry!

Translated Formblatt 1(Entry Form)


December 22nd, 2018

April 26-28th VJP at WI Rapids is FULL

Will take a few standby entries.


January 14th, 2019

April 13-14th VJP at Rio, WI is Full


Current 2019 members list is available.


March 10th, 2019

Training/Work Weekends planned for March 30th and 31st.  Rio and Wisconsin Rapids. 

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