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JGV-USA Mission Statement

JGV-USA (Jagdgebrauchshundverein-USA) has been a full member organization of the JGHV (Jagdgebrauchshundverband) in Germany since 1994. The JGHV is the umbrella organization of all versatile hunting dog clubs in Germany. They have been largely responsible for the success of the German performance based breeding system by providing standardized tests for all versatile hunting dogs. Existing for almost a century now, JGHV testing standards bind all breeding organizations, including those represented here in the U.S. By evaluating the breeding quality of dogs through examination of their performance record and that of their offspring, German breeders consistently produce dogs most suitable for the modern foot hunter. These dogs exhibit a high degree of cooperation and trainability coupled with an ability to handle any game you desire to hunt.

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Make plans to attend the 3rd Annual Oberländer HZP October 7th-10th, 2015!


8/25/2015 -

July and August MOMs (Monthly Official Messages) are now available.


7/10/2015 -

A new training weekend has been posted for July 25th-26th near Hugo, Minnesota.


6/20/2015 -

A new VGP has been added to the Test Schedule for Minnesota in September.

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